We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!


Patient Testimonial Videos

Lucinda Wolverton

I have had the best experience with my hearing aids from Professional Hearing Services. I love the service they provide. All of my appointments are included at no extra charge. If I have a problem, they get me in to see an audiologist that day. My friends have heard me rave about my hearing aids and have said most people complain about their hearing aids. But not me! You can get hearing aids inexpensively now, but the care I receive from the audiologists at Professional Hearing Services is priceless!

Fred Cline

My experience with Professional Hearing Services has been very positive. A friend of mine recommended Dr. O'Connor several years ago when I needed some custom hearing protection. That experience went very well and when it was time for me to have my hearing loss evaluated, Dr. O'Connor was my first choice.

Read more. My hearing was both qualitatively and quantitatively evaluated by Dr. O'Connor on the first visit for extent and type of hearing loss. She also discussed optional hearing aide designs which would work well with my lifestyle and hearing correction needs. She made a casting of my inner ear in order for the hearing aide manufacturer to provide the custom fit on whichever device I selected. I did not feel pressured to make a quick decision and in fact, did not do so at the first visit. Dr. O'Connor provided additional documentation and information in the next weeks as I weighed the options. When I decided on which option, I let Dr. O'Connor know and we established the second appointment in the office and she had the manufacture make me some custom hearing aides. Upon my second office visit, I was able to try my new custom hearing aides. Wow, it was neat to hear some new sounds! Dr. O'Connor explained all the basic information I would need to know about my hearing aides and recommended I purchase a hearing aide dryer. Dr. O'Connor did a phone follow-up with me in one week after my appointment to ensure there were no big problems.

Upon my second office visit, two weeks after receiving the hearing aide devices, Dr. O'Connor did a qualitative evaluation of my experience with the hearing aides. The one issue I am having is the hearing aides are not staying seated in the proper position for long periods of time. Dr. O'Connor discussed physical changes which the manufacturer could make to the devices to ensure the hearing aide would stay seated. Together we decided to make the decision to modify the hearing aides at my next office visit to ensure my issue was not related to the learning curve associated with these devices. Dr. O'Connor then did a quantitative test with some high-tech equipment to ensure the hearing aides were operating according to my prescribed amplification needs. After taking measurements, she was able to make some adjustments to their programming and test them again. I could hear much better with the devices after the first visit, but with these adjustments, my hearing was much, much better. Happy!

In all, my experience with Dr. O'Connor and Professional Hearing Services, to this point, has been very positive! I must say that hearing treatment is very expensive and there are a lot of different options in the market place to get your dollar. But, for me, in the end it was an easy decision on going with Dr. O'Connor because of the trust I had in her education, experience and character. I thought my chances of being happy with the resulting hearing treatment was very high. And, my experience so far with Dr. O'Connor has validated this.

Suzanne R. Walker

I just wanted to share how thrilled I am with my hearing aids. Dr. Amanda Rosinko was fabulous in all aspects of the process from the testing, fitting and follow up adjustments.

I have had hearing aids for many years so I was not to new to the process. I understood the cost and made the decision that my hearing well was with every penny. I was so right! The quality of my life has improved exponentially as I now have state of the art equipment. My previous hearing aids had lost their effectiveness after many years. The new ones, with the new technology, are just superior to the old models. My new set has made engaging with others, watching TV, listening to podcasts on my walks and driving so delightful.

Thank you so much for all you have done to make life better for this 74 year old/ young senior!

Michael G.

From the initial scheduling phone call, this group of professional women have not disappointed. Dr. Rosinko’s knowledge, professionalism, follow up and attention to detail has made my first time wearing of a hearing aid a pleasant experience! Just to give you an example of Dr. Rosinko’s awesomeness, the 1st week into my experience, I needed some tweaking to my device, which she had fully explained could happen. I sent her an email through my devices app explaining my concerns. Within a day she was able to upload new settings to my hearing aid to correct the issue, without even having to step foot in the office. I can’t say enough, Dr. Rosinko and the rest of the staff are fantastic!

Linda P.

This is the 4th set of devices I've had in the last 10 years and it's been amazing. I couldn't be happier. The T-Coil program has been great for the symphony and the theater. I am able to adjust the mic to hear more of my surroundings which I wasn't able to do before. I'm teaching myself to not rely on closed captioning — now I am able to focus on the program/watch the show rather than CC! Able to add in my phone to hear a conversation at a party — no longer distracted by conversations further away.

Dr. Rosinko, what impressed me most was not only how you took notes when asking me about my hearing challenges and concerns but when you were adjusting my devices you referred to what I said concerned me and said was important to me without looking at your notes — that told me you really heard me! For an audiologist to do that is amazing! I just can't help but think how did I stumble on this pot of jam!

Vicki G.

I can't believe these work so well. What a difference! Thank you Dr. Rosinko for this gift! I'm going to get my husband in here next because he knows hearing is important. He's very pleased... these work others didn't.

Velvet M.

Dr. Rosinko,

It's so nice to hear. It's pleasant. I can hear the birds chirp. It's amazing what a difference. Thank you.

John K.

I appreciate Dr. Rosinko's passion to help me hear better and more accurately through her compassion. I have no doubt in her sincerity in helping me hear better.

George W., Patient Since (2008)

Both doctors give me the feeling that my hearing problem is important to them to find a way to improve my hearing. I have worn several hearing aids in the past which required multiple return visits to get the sounds correct. Professional Hearing Services were able to "nail" the correct settings on my hearing aids in the initial visit!

Andrea P.

Suzanne and Amanda are wonderful. I am beyond please to have found them. I like the special attention they provide.

Becky B.

The explanation of the practice and what to expect or experience was complete and easy to understand. I feel that Dr. O'Connor is very forthright, honest and an excellent communicator.

Tom T.

I did not want hearing aids but knew my hearing was bad. You made this a helpful and easy adjustment. Thank you for helping me hear again!


I like an Audiologist-owned practice. I like an appropriately credentialed Audiologist. I'm thrilled with my results!


Thank you for taking the time to do a really thorough exam. And I liked inviting my husband to the appointment.

Karen Sechrist

My experience with Dr. Suzanne O'Connor and her office team has been excellent. I have been with her for over four years and give her a 5-star rating for expertise with getting the correct product for my needs and giving excellent customer service. I appreciate knowing that my needs will be met.

C. Higgins

Staff at PHS is very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. All that, and they still manage to run on time and be efficient.

M. Canale

I am very pleased how Professional Hearing Services takes the time with each patient. I never feel rushed.

Mrs. S Lange

Great service and very pleasant to work with. You can't go wrong here.

J. Goss

I have been a patient of Dr. O’Connor’s for a number of years. She is always up to date on “the latest information and innovations” in the arena of hearing loss. Always cheerful and thorough. I also appreciate their great office manager/receptionist! It’s a slam dunk at a 5!!!!

Malcolm Thomas, December 2017

About 10 years ago when I was looking for an audiologist, I asked my friend Debbie (a friend who was a professional in the audiology business) for a recommendation. Debbie had no hesitation in saying Dr. O’Connor was the best audiologist in the state. I live in California now, but I still see Dr. O’Connor. Would not dream of changing; she is that good!

Richard, November 2017

While I was in the process of ordering my hearing aids and trying to decide on which features to include, I was doubtful of my ability and knowledge to make good choices. Dr. O’Connor was very helpful in taking me through the process.

I added Bluetooth to my devices, not really sure how much good I would get from this feature. But, oh my, now I am so glad I did, and Dr. O’Connor, with her device tracking, says I use the Bluetooth feature 5% of the time. It is so helpful while driving to put my phone in my shirt pocket and be hands free while carrying on a conversation on the phone.

The feature has even lessened tension in my marriage. When I have insomnia, I just put in my devices and watch a movie on my phone, getting the audio through the Bluetooth in my devices. My wife, at my side, never hears a thing.

So, if you’re contemplating the Bluetooth feature, I would recommend it. And further, I would recommend trusting the experience and judgment of Dr. O’Connor.

Cherilyn Salvo

Dr. Rosinko was instrumental in making my hearing life better. It is amazing to hear so clearly when streaming a phone call to my hearing aid. Music sounds wonderful for the first time in my life! I can even hear the actual jingling of my keys, not just the clicking sound of them. The ability to program the hearing aid with 20 different situational programs is so nice and also fairly easy to do with the user-friendly app on my iPhone!

Steve Barnes, a very pleased customer, February 2017

Dr. Amanda Rosinko has been a great addition to Indy’s best audiology office. Knowledge, enthusiasm, and A+ ear-side manner!

Doris Crimmins, December 2016

Dr. Rosinko,

We’ve been coming here for years, and we are so happy with the service. I had the opportunity to buy cheaper hearing aids, but I chose you because you always keep trying if I have a problem. I feel like you really care about my well-being, and you have served me to my satisfaction. Thank you — you are truly a professional!

Donald Heitman, November 2016

Dr. Rosinko, I can’t believe how much more enjoyable the Pops Symphony is with these hearing devices!

Bob Newblom, November 2016

Kudos to the hardest working audiologist in hearing loss … Dr. Rosinko worked tirelessly to get my hearing aids to pair with my new iPhone 7. Success, thanks to Dr. R., Dr. O., and Adrienne for keeping it real. I love you ladies!

Elliott Berger, Acoustical Engineer, Indianapolis, IN, April 2016

Dear Suzanne,

I wanted to write you a note of thanks for the excellent service you have provided me these past 2 1/2 years. As you know, I am a professional hearing researcher and designer of hearing-protection products. I tracked my regrettably worsening hearing loss for a number of years until it reached the state that it could benefit from assistive technologies.

Though my expertise is not in the area of hearing aids, I do have familiarity with such products and am knowledgeable in the field. I had heard of you through both an audiologist I have known professionally who recommended you, as well as a contact of mine in the Chicago area.

I was looking for a knowledgeable audiologist who would work with me and who could provide the particular brand of aid I was interested in evaluating. It was not one that was sold in the Indy area, but when I contacted you, you indicated your willingness to assist me and to try to obtain the make of aids I was seeking, which you had also been contemplating for another client.

You and your staff are easy to work with, helpful, and professional. I was pleased to learn that you were in the process of obtaining a new Real Ear measurement system at about the time I started seeing you, and you were able to use it to evaluate my fitting. Since the particular aids you obtained for me were ones that you had less experience with than those you regularly dispense, you were also willing to bring in the local sales manager for the product, so that you and he could work together to make sure I got the best fitting possible. I appreciate the individualized attention you provided, something that can be afforded in a small-office setting such as yours. I always prefer working with individual service providers versus large clinics or organizations.

I do also want to note how hospitable your office manager Adrianne is, and that the appointments are always easy to schedule and routinely on time.

Thank you for your efforts to assist me with my hearing loss through the application of hearing aids, and for your ongoing services.

G.A., M.D.

Dr. O’Connor provides a superior and caring service attentive to the pursuit of improved hearing and patient education. As only one patient, I couldn’t be more pleased.

Tom, June 2015

Dear Dr. O’Connor,

A month or so ago, I scheduled a full hearing exam with you. The exam indicated that my hearing was little changed from my last test. When you examined my hearing aid, you discovered it was not operating as it should. On further examination, you discovered it was not operating at all. At my age, my system does not easily accept such information. You assisted me in resuming normal breathing by explaining the product was still under warranty.

After 10 days the instrument was returned to your office, and I was asked to bring my wife with me so that you could test how loudly or softly she talked. Having done this, you adjusted the reception level of the instrument to match the softness with which she spoke. The results were excellent, and now I appreciate this little device operating as it should. Gone are the times when I am required to ask my wife what she has just said. Gone are the looks of annoyance that flit across her features when I ask it. You have restored the level of civility, patience, and affection that characterized the first 62 years of our marriage.

Thank you for the civility, patience, and professionalism that have characterized your treatment of this patient.

Judy D., May 2015

Dr. O’Connor is very professional, yet friendly and personable. The audiology testing procedure was explained first and then administered to me without any confusing information. She then shared my results, which actually confirmed what I had already suspected about my hearing loss.
I was then presented various different levels of hearing aid technology from which to choose based upon my particular circumstances and lifestyle.

Prior to this appointment, I had done some comparison shopping for hearing aids at larger providers, including Costco, to get a ballpark figure about costs. Based upon this, I was not completely shocked at the various costs for this type of digital technology. Nevertheless, it is expensive, but comes with a 3-year complete warranty, 3 years of batteries, and at least twice-yearly complimentary clean and check appointments. Even though it was more expensive than at a big-box place like Costco, the personal attention I have received in the follow-up visits and the ease of obtaining appointments have convinced me that I made the right choice.

My hearing aids are wonderful and have greatly improved my life. I’m hardly aware that I am even wearing them, and they are not visible to others.

Bob T., October 2014

If you are reading this, you either have a hearing problem or someone you know has one. Hearing loss is odd because, unlike other health problems that have clear symptoms, hearing loss is gradual and incremental.

So if you are like me, you don’t realize that you have a problem. In my case, I noticed that my hearing was somewhat diminished, but I got along OK. I decided to get a hearing test primarily to prove my wife wrong. I thought the results would show a little hearing loss and be given the direction that if it gets worse to come back in. So, step one, go get tested.

I did, and it turns out that I had significant loss in some areas. Go to a reliable audiologist so that you get the benefit of a professional opinion. You can get tested at the state fair, too, but don’t fool around; this is important.

After I got the results, then I had to face up to the fact that I needed hearing aids. Nobody wants to get hearing aids — big clunky things that make your ears bulge out and make screeching noises, etc. Nope, not for me. So I put it off, but I started to pay attention to what I could not hear, and I could not hear a lot. I was nodding and smiling when I did not hear someone and missing whole conversations in restaurants. I made my wife repeat herself way too often, or I just pretended like I was hearing. You don’t realize that you are doing it until you consciously think about it.

So I went back to see what the next step was. Which is worse: looking like a fool because you are nodding and smiling when someone has just told you that their dog died, or having hearing aids?

It turns out the devices I got are so small that no one knows I have them in, so that dispels the “look bad” problem. The second surprise is that the sound they produce is SO NATURAL that I am not aware that I have them on. These things are amazing!

So go see Dr. O’Connor; I highly recommend her. She will take the time to test you, explain your problem — or lack thereof — and then give you good advice as to potential solutions. Don’t half-step on the price; get the best ones available. You wouldn’t shop around on price for a heart transplant, would you?

This is a problem that can be fixed, and Dr. O is the one to see. Do it!

Jesse M., October 2014

My previous hearing aids had exceeded their term of service, so Dr. O’Connor provided alternatives and worked directly with me on making a selection that best met my needs, lifestyle, and hearing capabilities. She ensured that it was my choice, but she provided details and features about products that allowed me to make a good choice.

The process went extremely well. Once she provided examples of products that could be utilized for my particular hearing issues, I was able to ask questions about features and options and narrow down the search. Once I selected the new hearing aids that seemed to be the best fit overall for me, she was able to quickly get the units and schedule me for fitting and orientation session on the use and maintenance of the units.

One reason I replaced my hearing aids with Dr. O’Connor is the level of ongoing service that Professional Hearing provides. I have twice annual visits (at no cost) to ensure that the units are properly working, check the units and clean them, and discuss any issues that I may have had. Additionally, if I have a question in the meantime, I can call the office. I get a courteous person on the line who makes sure that my question gets answered in a prompt manner. If needed, I can quickly schedule a short appointment to discuss the problem and resolve it. Overall, this provider is concerned about me, about my hearing, and about providing a level of service that exceeds expectations.

Elizabeth B., May 2014

Even though I only have a mild hearing loss, my hearing aids help me to hear my three young grandsons. Young children learning to speak are often soft-spoken and unable to articulate their sounds. My hearing aids give me enough boost so that I don’t miss a thing! They “sharpen” my hearing. I sure appreciate Dr. O’Connor’s recommendation to take care of this “mild” hearing loss.

Dorothy G., May 2014

From start to finish, it was all positive. Dr. O’Connor is very knowledgeable, up to date, listens to your concerns, and works with you to improve the hearing capability. She is everything you want a provider to be.

Neil McCracken, January 2014

I had ear canal molds made by Dr. O’Connor. The molds are going to be sent away so that I can have custom headphones made.

My appointment was excellent from start to finish. First, when I called to make an appointment, the receptionist was extremely friendly and was able to get me in for an appointment the same day. She also was able to clearly explain to me the cost and the procedure that would be used by the physician. Second, when I arrived, the receptionist greeted me by my name even without me having to tell her who I was. I then didn’t have to wait very long at all (a couple of minutes at most) when I was greeted by Dr. O’Connor, where she took me and my 6-year-old son back to her office.

She began the process by checking my ears and asking me all applicable health-related questions. She then began the process of creating the molds, explaining to me and my son the entire time what she was doing and how her goal was to do the best she could to make a really good mold. She then gave my son some of the material used to play with so that he was occupied and was extremely friendly to him.

The process was done in probably less than 15 minutes, and I was out. By far the fastest and the friendliest doctor appointment I have had in years … probably ever. Her services for creating the molds were extremely affordable, and I will most definitely go back to her office if I need the services in the future.

Sharon Fields

From the initial “hello” and friendly handshake, I knew Dr. O’Connor was the right choice for my hearing issues. Her confidence in the field of hearing and how she made us feel secure in having her as our doctor in the future was awesome!

Mrs. B.P.

Dr. O’Connor was prompt, friendly, and took the time necessary to evaluate our hearing condition and recommend a course of action. We won’t hesitate to recommend her to others.

Gloria Poore

Dr. O’Connor explained every step of the evaluation so that I felt comfortable and understood the process.

Nancy, April 2011

Great service! Dr. O’Connor fitted me for hearing aids over a year ago. I have been quite pleased with the friendly and prompt service, the competence, knowledge, and compassion of Dr. O’Connor, and her promptness in returning emails and phone calls.

The receptionist always treats me courteously, and appointments are made in a timely manner. I am so happy with her ability that I have recommended her to several of my friends. They, too, have been pleased.

J. B., April 2011

My new hearing devices have allowed me to experience things like new again! I can hear the birds, the symphony (especially high tones), a pen dropping, and my office chair squeaking. I can also enjoy having conversations with my wife again! Such a difference over my previous pair of devices, which were three years old.

Dr. O’Connor recommended a new hearing device style that was unavailable then. For me, they are so much easier to handle and so much more comfortable that I can use them all the time, except when I’m in my woodshed and wear my custom hearing protection she fitted last year.

Richard B., March 2011

From my very first contact (call) I was impressed with the professionalism and promptness of the office. I was able to see Dr. O’Connor within two days and was seen promptly at the designated time. Dr. O’Connor even commented that she knew my time was as valuable as hers and would always do her best to keep appointments on time. Dr O’Connor is the consummate professional. She made me very relaxed and it became immediately clear that she was not interested in ‘selling me something’, but was concerned about what my situation was, what I hoped to accomplish, and would help me seek the best method for helping me hear better in the most efficient way possible and in the manner that was suitable for me. Dr. O’Connor has personally called me twice since our first meeting and it’s like the feeling you get when you have a doctor that you come to trust and feel confident in.

Ingar V., April 2011

As a Director of New Car Sales at Terry Lee Honda, it was a “Life changing move”! I had known about Dr. O’Connor for several years, as I occasionally played golf with her husband. I came to see her at my wife’s insistence, and even then I was reluctant to follow her advice regarding hearing devices. I’m so glad I did, it was a life changing move!

Joanna J., May 2009

I thought I was missing things on TV and even missing part of the priest’s homily at church. I wasn’t even sure I needed any help when my doctor referred me to Dr. O’Connor. But he assured me that a hearing test never hurts. Dr. O’Connor gave me a thorough test and diagnosed my particular hearing problem. She offered me a choice of hearing solutions, and at first I wasn’t even sure my open-fit digital hearing aids helped that much. But after just a short adjustment period, it’s like my world has gone from black-and-white to full color! Dr. O’Connor is A-OK in my book!