Dr. Suzanne O'Connor and Jon Bonjovi posing at a Starkey expo

The Experience of a Lifetime

In January 2020, Doctor O’Connor was invited to Starkey Expo, a biennial conference for hearing care professionals. Each morning at the start of general session, Starkey’s president, Brandon Sawalich, named a winner from the crowd of nearly 3500 hearing care professionals.

Prior to the Expo, each invitee was asked how Starkey could make their Expo experience better. Executives reviewed the entries in the weeks prior.

One audiologist had replied that a case of beer would be awesome. On the first day, Brandon Sawalich called his name, the camera zoomed in, an Audiologist named Mike appeared on the Jumbotron and voilà! Mike’s wish was granted! A case of beer delivered to his hotel room!

On the final day, the president, Brandon said, “Suzanne O’Connor, please rise.” Dr. O’Connor stood, camera zoomed, she appeared on the Jumbotron, shaking like a leaf. He said, “Suzanne, your entry was unique. You didn’t ask for anything specific. You just wrote ‘surprise and delight me’. We liked that, so on this final day, we’d like you to have a private meet and greet with Jon Bonjovi, prior to the concert he’s doing here at the Cosmopolitan just for our little group of 3400. Do you want to meet Jon Bonjovi?” Dr. O’Connor called out a resounding “Yes”! 

What a fantastic experience!