At home, shopping in town, visiting with the grandchildren — you enjoy the simple pleasures in life and want hearing technology that is comfortable, is reliable, and helps you hear your best with no fuss.

AGX3 technology is custom programmed just for you. Wearing your basic AGX3 hearing devices, you’ll enjoy hearing your family and friends more clearly — and overcome the feelings of isolation and fatigue that often accompany hearing loss.

Get more out of your sound experience by meeting with your Professional Hearing Services audiologist to learn how today’s best hearing technology can help you. They will be there for you every step of the way — from precisely diagnosing and assessing your hearing loss to fitting and adjusting your hearing technology to meet your changing needs.

Backed by the strongest service program in the hearing care industry, you can rest assured that your AGX® Hearing technology will provide dependable communication assistance and continue to meet your unique hearing needs for years to come.