Megan Adams, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology

A passionate and detail-oriented professional, Doctor Adams customizes the patient experience in a way to make even the uncertain feel at ease. She excels at tailoring each person’s unique experience, and she cares about your hearing success as much as you do.

Her diverse clinical background developed her experience treating hearing and balance issues for people of all ages. Dr. Adams’ passions for improving the field for both patients and professionals goes far beyond the clinic. She has been involved in Audiology advocacy and legislation at both the state and national levels.

Unlike most doctors, her hand writing is exceptionally neat! She is a gifted calligrapher, and supplemented her income while in graduate school with her calligraphy and art shop. Her two dogs gladly accept much of her attention and can’t wait for her to come home at the end of a day at the office.



  • Doctor of Audiology — Ball State University
  • Bachelor of Science (Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences) — Purdue University